Jewell & DiSimone Certified Public Accountants PLLC
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Jewell & DiSimone provides accounting, tax, forensic and litigation services throughout New York State.
Our tax and accounting professionals are highly experienced and talented individuals who are responsive to our clients' needs and are dedicated to providing exceptional service. The depth of experience of our professionals, in combination with our personalized approach to client services, allows us to serve the needs of our clients.
Our clients depend on us for knowledgeable and appropriate guidance for tax preparation and compliance. We have a track record of successfully representing our clients before Federal and state authorities. We have experience tracking and recovering misappropriated funds, uncovering and quantifying damages and losses, conducting investigations, and extracting, reconstructing and analyzing data. We provide legal counsel with the financial expertise needed to unravel the complex issues involved in fraudulent conveyances and other matters in dispute.
With our independence, training, and passion for excellence, we are a valuable resource for independent business owners, executives, attorneys and other professionals.

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